Top Fake Tan Tips

Sun damage can cause some of the worst illnesses and of course, wrinkles, so take care of your skin. The easiest way to be bronzed and confident in a bikini without sun exposure is with fake tan. But of course it can go wrong.

Here’s our best advice on how to avoid the tell-tale signs that you’re faking it...

1. Exfoliate

Fake tan develops to a dark colour because of a chemical in the product that activates when it hits dry skin, and so that’s why fake tan develops darker in areas that are normally pretty dry and rough such as your knees and elbows. The best way to stop this is simply to scrub! Exfoliating regularly will mean that your tan will develop evenly and won’t cling to certain areas.

2. Moisturise

After a good exfoliate and shower you need to hydrate your skin. Make sure to lather your favourite moisturiser more generously in areas that are dryer. Then, let it sink in. If you apply your fake tan while the moisturiser is still lying on your skin it will go streaky!

3. Use a fake-tan mitt

The worst give aways to fake tan are orange palms which are easily avoided by using a fake tan mitt. It will also help the tan be applied in an even layer to avoid looking patchy.

4. Wear black, loose clothing

If you like to sleep in the fake tan so that it is developed by the morning save your sheets by wearing clothing that will cover you but not cling to you so that you don’t create patches in the tan. Wear clothes that you don’t mind getting a bit grubby as the tan will stain.

5. Tan your scalp (yes, really)

Sounds crazy but we recently learned from the fake tan master herself, Kim Kardashian, that she gets her spray tan down her hair parting so that it doesn’t look pale in comparison to her face- good thinking Kimmy!

Now that you have the best fake tan you can take it to the beach or pool in confidence wearing your Amour and Mer bikini so tag us on Instagram with your favourite bikini and did we mention we have new stock in as well?

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