Top Beach Beauty Looks

Salt, sand and suncream: the three nuisances preventing your makeup from looking flawless on the beach. So, we've gathered together this years top beauty looks that will survive any day at the beach.

Here's how to use the salty water to your advantage and let your skin soak up suncreams to give you the most natural glow.
Look 1: Bushy brows & pink pouts
Tip: Don’t skip the suncream.

The most powerful tool you have to stay sun protected and moisturised can sometimes feel thick, heavy and greasy on the face. But, we’ve found a completely transparent, fast absorbing gel suncream made for under make-up. Now you can have the prettiest makeup without having to skip this important step!
Look 2: Barely there beauty
This beach look saves you the fuss of mascara by leaving your eyes completely bare and focusing all on the skin. A glowing complexion is what every beach babe masters so focus on make your skin look dreamy with highlighters.
Tip: Don’t forget your body!

Thanks to the amazing Charlotte Tilbury we now have a supermodel’s body in a rose gold tube. Believe it or not, none of those perfect bikini girls are actually that perfect! So we’ve got your trick to get a beautiful luminous shine all over your body which will make you look even better in your bikini this summer.
Look 3: Bronzed Goddess
When it doubt, get the bronzer out. Lets face it, bronzer is always a fool proof plan to make you look gorgeous in summer. Keep your travel makeup bag light by using your bronzer as an eyeshadow as well to give an effortless and appearance.
Tip: have a look at the infamous ‘Hoola bronzer’ from Benefit which has been developed into further shades and products. We recommend the new ‘Dew the Hoola’ which will give you a lighter and more glowy effect than powder, and their ‘zero tanliness’ body bronzer to help you step up the tan while looking completely natural.
Hair: Effortlessly beach ready
Embrace the salty water on those beach days this summer as it will give you hair the perfect tousled feel to create the looks we selected below. By having messy, textured hair you’ll be able to simply plait or fold your hair over itself in a pony tail to create the beautiful bohemian looks. For the best effect pull small pieces out of the up-do’s to further the relaxed look.
Tip: Need more to give you the perfect beach hair? Try the ‘Surf Spray’ from Bumble and Bumble. This summer hair in a bottle will ensure your locks look effortlessly styled.
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