The Timeline of the Bikini

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1920s - The first ever two piece is created by Carl Jantzen to help women swim in the Olympics, but it looks more like shorts and a t-shirt!
1930s - The t-shirt and short as swimwear invention shrinks smaller as women want to show the teeniest bit more skin around their waist.
1940s - Parisian designer creates the smallest swimsuit ever seen and called it the Atome, then Louis Reard introduces an even smaller design using 30 inches of fabric and calls it the bikini.
1950s - Despite beaches trying to ban bikinis across Europe, Bridget Bardot wore a bikini at Cannes Film Festival making Hollywood stars such as Marilyn Monroe soon follow suit.
1960s - The decade that Bryan Hyland releases the song “Itsy Witsy Teeny Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini”, the designs of bikinis become more colourful and variant than ever before.
1970s - The bikini is officially mainstream and in this decade, the designs were all about high waisted bottoms and barely any coverage.
1980s - Every woman was wearing a bikini to get a better tan and neon was everywhere along with high-cut pieces. G-strings had even made their way into design in Brazil.
1990s - The swimwear side of fashion was in full swing with models like Naomi Campbell walking the runway in a Chanel blue two-piece. Bikinis took on all new shapes and styles giving women plenty of ways to wear swimwear.

2000s- Amour and Mer is created, bringing the best of swimwear in the latest styles to girls internationally.

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