How To Take the Perfect Instagram Shot

Choosing a photo to upload to Instagram may be completely careless for some, but for others it's a whole process of getting the right angle, applying the right filter and thinking up a caption. Regardless of which person you are, here are 3 tips to help you get your personal perfect page. 

Tip 1

Decide on your personal style. A style of a photo that is quintessential to you makes the photo-taking and editing so much more fun because you'll love the results! Forget what other girls are looking like or posting and find your own thing. This could be the simplest edits like warm tones or extra bright & washed out photos. Maybe you like the look of film photography and want a grained effect on your pictures, or, maybe you like things to look clear and increase the sharpness. It's in slightest alterations of an image shows your style, so have fun with it and create something true to you. 

This example photo I took shows how the tiniest changes make the image look that slightest bit better just using Instagram's own editing tools:


Tip 2

Choose a filter you love. Filters are a great way to completely alter the mood and appearance of an image if you want to. There are hundreds of great apps for choosing filters however one of the most popular is VSCO cam. If you don't already know about it, VSCO cam has packages of filters (that have a certain theme) which you can download and build your collection of choice. The packaged filters really help create consistency with your photos if you desire. 

Below you can see how my photo changes entirely dependent on the filter applied:


Tip 3

Have fun with it! Don't forget that Instagram is not real life. If anything the photo sharing app is a chance to get creative and develop a hobby of taking and editing pictures with ease and for free. There are so many artistic and exiting accounts that give you plenty of inspiration at your fingertips. Post whatever you want,make it creative, and you'll no doubt have the perfect Instagram shot. 

Here are just a couple of the clever and creative females doing their thing:





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