Wanderlust: The Magical Maldives

2016 is the year of the Maldives. We are seeing photographs all over Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and travel blogs of crystal clear waters, bright white sand and beautiful palm trees. Why has everybody suddenly started loving the Maldives? Well other than the obvious, we decided to do a little research into this spectacular little cluster of tropical islands.

The Maldivian captital of Male is sprinkled with dozens of multi coloured high rise buildings.

You can have dinner underwater! The Conrad Resort on Rangali Island provides you with the experience of eating your dinner with the fishies!

The Maldives are made up of over 1000 islands! But even more amazing, around 800 of them are deserted! So there are great opportunities to explore! Just hire a boat and take over your very own island!

If you don't get the chance to pack your A&M bikini and visit the magical maldives, check out some photographs of the paradise islands online as they are just so beautiful! 

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