The Beaches of Ireland

Happy St Patricks day! To celebrate this must loved holiday, not only are we saying cheers with a pint of Guiness, but we have decided to shine a light on some of Ireland’s most spectacular beaches. There definitely isn’t as much sunshine in Ireland as there is in Bali, but what Ireland does have is beautifully dramatic beaches. Great for walking and even surfing if you are strong enough to brave the cold weather!

Kinnagoe Bay, Inishowen, County Donegal
Kinnagoe Bay is a secluded, sandy Bay in County Donegal up in the Northern area of Ireland. It is a perfect beach for a family day out, great for swimming! The vast sand dunes are a must see too!

Coumeenole Beach, Dunquin, County Kerry
Small outcrops of golden beach. Rolling green hills. Jagged cliff coves. Glistening turquoise waters. Coumeenole beach is extraordinarily picturesque & so much fun to explore.

Dog's Bay & Gurteen Bay, Connemara
These two white sand bays are separated by just a few hundred metres of flat green grass. The white sand and brilliantly blue waters wouldn't look out of place on a foreign isle. 

We hope you have a great Paddy's day!

A&M xo

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