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Lying on the beach all day, everyday, swimming and tanning is the dream. But are we being safe? We all know how much damage the sun can do, and we all do our best to protect our skin. But a lot of the time we forget to protect our hair from the suns harsh rays!

We’ve all had that feeling of coming back from a holiday with a beautiful golden tan but also with dry unloved hair. So we’ve got some tips on how to help your hair look shiny and fabulous after your hols!

Coconut oil on the tips!
Coconut oil gives great natural protection from the suns rays in fact, coconut oil has been used as an effective sunscreen for thousands of years by indigenous, pacific islanders. So why not use it on your hair? Proect the tips of our hair with a little coconut oil to prevent split ends and snapping. 

Leave it in!
Leave in conditioner is a must! Your hair needs some real damage control after being in the sun all day! So after your day at the beach wash your hair as usual and spray some leave-in conditioner, it will work on keeping your hair healthy all night! We reccomend Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Conditioner Spray!

Give it a rinse!
Salt water isn’t great for your locks! It might make them look cute & beachy in the meantime, but longterm, the salt is simply drying out your hair. We recommend rinsing your hair with fresh water straight after your swim in the sea to remove the saltiness! Also, if you rinse it before going in the sea, the clean water will form a layer on your hair making it harder for the sea water to get in.

Let it dry au naturel!
When your on holiday or having a weekend at the beach the last thing you should be doing to your hair is using any heat styling. Your hair sees enough heat at the beach so just let it dry on its own, put it in braids to get beautiful wavy hair or roll it up in a bun with some leave in conditioner for a sleek sexy look.

Stay safe out there guys!

A&M xo


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