The Top Tips to Packing for your Holiday!

We are HUGE travellers at A&M and whether it’s a weekend break to Milan or a 6 month expedition to the Philippines, we still worry about the same thing every time, packing! Some of us are super organised and some are crazy last minute packers but between us we have managed to come up with some tips & tricks to make life a little easier when packing for your break!

Stand out from the Crowd!
You need your luggage to stand out. We’ve all been there after a long flight, getting to the airport baggage carousel, and everybody having the same black identical suitcase.  You p icking up other peoples cases, they’re picking up yours and its a nightmare. So, all you need to do is bling it up a bit! Pop on some ribbons or some stickers and make sure you have a name tag on it in case it gets lost!

Roll Don’t Fold!
Rolling clothes is SO much faster than folding each individual piece of clothing & its takes up less room in your suitcase! Which means there is more room for bikinis!

Write a list!
This is for those unorganised people who throw everything in their case and end up at their destination with outfits that don’t match and missing phone chargers! Write a list! Plan your outfits for each day (an night!) Write down all the electricals and chargers that you need to take, including things like curlers & hairdryers!               

Watch your weight!
Not your actual weight, but the weight of your case. Airports charge you a fortune for going over their weight limit, so make sure you weigh your case before going to the airport! You can buy handy travel scales to do this, you just hook them onto your case and pick it up! Another great tip is to buy a lightweight case, which means there is more free weight for your bikinis!

Vacuum Bags
Vaccum compression bags are amazing! They do exactly what they say on the tin, they compress all your clothes & towels. Meaning there is more free space in your case! You could use separate bags for different types of clothing, for example one for day time clothing and one for evening wear. Its a great way of organising your case too!
We could go on and on with our tips for packing, but we will leave you with these handy tips for now! Enjoy your travels!
P.S Remember to pack your passport!
A&M xo

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