5 Tips to Building Your Bikini Body

For us at A&M, we don’t just wait for summer to get our bikini body in shape. We think it’s important to stay bikini ready all year round! I mean its always summer somewhere in the world right? 

But lets be honest, we all go off track a little! To help us out, we have teamed up with Mikey Diamond from Diamond fitness. He has given us 5 tips to achieving the perfect bikini body, and they really work!

Abs are made in the kitchen!
To quote Body building champion Arnold “abs are made in the kitchen!” Chiselled six pack or toned bikini body it's all about reducing body fat and this battle is mainly done in the kitchen. Keep it simple, stay away from processed foods, spend some time each night preparing fresh healthy foods for the next day. Preparation is the key to sticking to a healthy diet!
Compound movements
You can do a million sit ups and crunches and never see a single ab. Everyone has abdominal muscles just sometimes there is some pesky body fat in the way. Ditch the sit ups and go for some metabolic fat burning moves. I highly recommend the squat, dead lift or box jumps. These moves burn more calories and jump starts your metabolism so you will be burning calories more effectively for the next few hours!
Weekly way-in’s and progress photos
Patience. Everyone wants results in a week, but realistically, it isn’t going to happen. Crash diets will make you lose weight quickly but it won't be healthy weight loss. Aim to lose one to two pounds a week; take it slowly, healthy eating supplemented with exercise will get you that strong bikini body look! I recommend taking a before photo, and sticking it on your mirror to stay motivated.
Walk. Wake up an hour earlier and go for a walk. Put on your favourite music or an audio book and enjoy your morning. The health benefits to this are astounding. It calms your mind and counts as fasted cardio so use burning fat directly. Then get yourself home and enjoy a delicious breakfast. I recommend porridge, honey and banana. A personal favourite.
Drink water
Drink water. Ditch the fizzy drinks. Ditch the coffees you can't even pronounce. Drink water. Fizzy drinks are poison, even if they are diet or sugar free, they are poison. You wouldn't water your plants with fizzy drinks so don't feed yourself with them. If you need a pick me up choose an espresso or a green tea.

Check Mikey out at www.facebook.com/diamondpersonaltraining for more fitness tips!

Let us know how you get on with your bikini body transformation! We would love to see you strutting down the beach looking super hot in our Amour & Mer Swimwear!


A&M xo

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