Top Tips To Tanning

We all love that feeling of coming back from our holiday and looking like a tanned goddess. Lets be honest it’s the only thing that can get you over your holiday blues! But it’s tricky to get the perfect tan that lasts! There are so many factors to getting the perfect tan and to making it last, so we at A&M decided to share our top tips to tanning.

 Always use protection

Lets just get this clear, YOU MUST ALWAYS PROTECT YOUR SKIN. Not protecting your skin can lead to advance ageing, (that means WRINKLES!) sun spots, sun burn and can even cause cancer. Wearing the correct SPF for your skin will not prevent you from tanning so apply it every two hours, no excuses.



GENTLY exfoliate your skin regularly, don’t go crazy with a super hard exfoliator, that could potentially damage the skin, little and often is the best way! Making sure you exfoliate will prevent any build up on the skin and help you tan evenly! There are loads of different types of exfoliating, you could even make your own with some coffee and olive oil.



Moisturise your ass off! After a hard days tanning your skin is crying out for moisture. Your skin looks so much better when moisturized and will actually tan easier too! As well as moisturising at night, making sure you drink plenty of water will naturally moisturize the skin and using a moisturising tanning lotion is a great way for your skin to stay hydrated during the day.


Tick Tock, Watch the Clock

You don’t get a special award for lying in the sun during the hottest time of the day, actually you do, its called sunstroke and you don’t need it! Watch what times of the day you are tanning! Early morning and early evening are the safest times to tan, when the suns rays are less intense. Sunbathing in the middle of the day could be very harmful to your skin!


 Keep Moving

Nobody wants patchy skin! We have all made the mistake of laying in a certain position for too long; half of you being lovely and tanned and the other as white as a sheet. Well to stop that you just gotta keep moving! Make sure you flip over often enough and don’t fall asleep in the sunshine!


We hope our tips to tanning help you on your next holiday!

A&M xo

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