Do You Yoga?


Yoga is an increasingly popular form of exercise for people of all ages. Every yoga pose has a different name and a different purpose; not only having a positive impact on your body but on your mind too! But what exactly do we get from standing on our heads and sticking our bums up in the air? Well A&M looked into the benefits of yoga! 

Improved Flexibility

Yoga works by safely stretching your muscles, ligaments and tendons to increase the range of motion and overall flexibility, allowing you to move around more freely. 

Perfect Posture
Your abdominals and back muscles will become significantly stronger if you practice yoga, so they will be able to fully support your weight and you'll be able to sit & stand nice & tall. 
A Focused Mind
Some yoga methods use meditation techniques to focus the mind on your breathing; relieving stress. Practicing yoga can also boost oxygen levels to the brain, leaving you feeling happier :) 


Not only is yoga a great way of exercising, but there are some really cute yoga outfit ideas out there too! Use our Thalia bikini top as a yoga sports bra!



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