5 Tips to a happier 2016

Love yourself.

No one is perfect. Accept yourself for who you are, love your flaws and imperfections, that’s what makes us human! When you learn to love yourself your self confidence will grow and you will achieve so much more.


Say yes.

Stop with the excuses, stop overthinking, sometimes you just have to say yes. Do you want to go on a day trip to the beach? YES take a break from your work, forget about money troubles, stop making excuses and say yes to as many different opportunities as you can.



Always be thankful for what you have, or have had, whatever that is or was. It could be the smallest thing, such as being thankful for the food that you have on your table, anything, everything, just have appreciation for yourself, the people you love and the world around you.


Look on the bright side.

Always try to look at the good in any situation, even the awful ones. Learn from the negatives and use the knowledge you get from negative times to build yourself a positive future.


Be here.

Live in the moment, get off your phone, talk and communicate with the people around you. Don’t look forward too much and equally don’t look back too much. Be excited for the future but enjoy the present time, enjoy the people, the beautiful things and the feeling of being alive today.

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