Why you should switch your Coffee for Green Tea!

We are all guilty of drinking a little too much coffee! (sometimes we just NEED the caffeine!) But A&M have been doing a little research into our caffeinated craving and decided that there is something so much better out there!

GREEN TEA is a super healthy alternative that doesn’t give you the crash that coffee does! (Which usually hits around mid morning at the A&M office!) The drink is full of antioxidants and is great for your body; it helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Even more amazing… It contains more caffeine than coffee does! Keeping you awake and alert throughout your busy day!

Our favorite brands of green tea are: Teapigs’ Mao Feng Green Tea, Tazo’s Zen Tea & Clipper’s Pure Green.

Give it a go and make the switch today for a happier & healthier 2016!


A&M xo

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