Top Surfing Spots in the UK

It’s Fitness Friday! This week we have been looking at getting fit and doing some exercise in a place that we at A&M love the most, the ocean!

Surfing is a great activity to get your blood pumping, heart racing & it even improves your balance. It is a popular sport all around the world, even in colder climates, so get on your wetsuit and give it a go!

In Britain you can surf all year round (if you can brave the cold water, that is!) So we have selected three awesome places to go and get into surfing this winter!


 Saltburn, Cleveland, north-east England

Saltburn is the main hub for the northeasts surf scene, it may be a little chilly, but it’s a beautiful place with really friendly locals. With local pubs and cafes right on the sea front there are plenty of places to warm up after a hard days surfing.


Sennen Cove, Cornwall
Sennen is known for having consistant good sized waves, even when other places around the costs don’t have the best conditions. So it’s a fantastic place to learn how to surf all day long. They have a great beach café amd surf school on the beach too!


Pease Bay, Borders, Scotland

Pease Bay is one of the most popular surfing spots in Scotland, with a good beach break and a more challenging reef for the professionals. There are a few surfer-friendly places to stay, including a caravan park, if you fancy extending your trip into a surf holiday!


Winter and spring are the optimum times of year to visit these British surf spots, so go along and give it a go!


A&M xo

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