We all have our 2016 New Years resolutions, and let's face it, many of which are to get fit or lose weight. But this shouldn't be a New Year's resolution, it should a healthy life style change. There are so many diets knocking about now, it's hard to know which one is right one for you.  

It's common sense to cut down or cut out the sugary treats and alcohol, so why is it so hard? Getting fit and loosing weight isn't just about changing what you eat and your exercise plan, it's changing your mind set. Once you change your mind set, the hard part is over. It's just as easy,  if not easier to cook healthy meal, if you know what to eat and how to eat it. 

So how do I change my mind set? 

More often or not it's a lot easier if you work with someone on this to start off with. Many of us think we might have good will power (some might) but many need a good kick to start it off. This is where a trainer or a specialist comes in. Yes, I know this may sound like it's going to cost a few pennies, but in reality what you will achieve in the long run will be worth it. 

We love Libby Alice Fitness' attitude to working out and a healthy lifestyle. Libby wants people to learn to love their body. With a personalised nutrition and workout plan, Libby aims to reach your body goals in a healthy and fun way, starting with a healthy mind set. Head over to to see Libby's workout programmes and how she can kick start your 2016!

Top Tips

- Avoid alcohol 

- Cut down on sugary treats 

- Drink more water

- Swap your filter coffee for a enter smoothie/ juice

- Trade in your builders tea for a green tea

- Always make room your breakfast 

- Don't eat late at night 

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