Clean Eating

It's getting cold outside and dark nights have crept up on us, so we immediately hit the Heinz tomato soup and hot chocolate. But looking after our body is an all year round necessity, so swap in those luxury hot chocolates for some healthy smoothies and juices.


2015 has been the year of fitness and healthy living, seeing the growth of #fitspo and #eatclean on social media. Eating clean and stocking up on fruit and veg is important to living a healthy lifestyle. However it is okay to give yourself a little treat from time to time.... i mean who doesn't love a food bar or Dairy Milk or Galaxy. A balanced diet is key. 


Here at AMOUR&MER we love a good smoothie or juice. So we thought we would share some of our favorite recipes of 2015.


Keeping It Green

Large handful of spinach

2 x Kiwi's

2 Handfuls of blueberries

Juice of 2 oranges 

Handful of crushed ice


Mango Delight

Half skinned mango

2 x Passion fruit's

1 Scoop of mango sorbet

Juice of 3 orange's


Monkey Business

2 x Banana's

1 x Passion fruit

Handful of Strawberries

Juice of 1 orange

Hand full of crushed ice


Pink to Make the Boys Wink

2 Handfuls of raspberries

Juice of 3 orange's

Handful of strawberries

Quarter of a pineapple



Half a mango

Quarter of a pineapple

2 x Grapefruit's

Handful of crushed ice


Try swapping your next afternoon snack for one of these tasty juices and see the difference in your energy....


Till next time...

A&M xo 





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