Looking Good This Winter

Autumn has hit us, so winter is officially around the corner. Which means; the woollies are out, we’re stocking up on horlix and preparing for chapped lips are dry hair! As you can imagine, here at A&M HQ we love the sun, sea and of course swimwear, so we are prepping for the coming months with a few shopping trips to get the necessities to keep ourselves in tip top condition this winter! We thought we’d share with you our top tips to looking your best through the coming months.


Deep Moisturise

It’s a known fact that the crisp cold air drys your skin out so it’s important to deep moisturise once a week. Using a deep moisturiser will keep your skin soft and hydrated , protecting it from the harsh winter air. Applying it after you’ve had a shower or bath on an evening will allow the moisturiser to work its magic over night, so be sure to wear loose clothing (if any). One of our favourites is the Body Shop’s Coconut Butter.

Body Shop Coconut Butter £5

Beating Chapped Lips

We all know how horrible it is getting chapped lips in the winter.....let’s face it no one wants to kiss those. So we need to make sure our winter lips are as kissable as our summer ones. As everyone’s skin is different, you need to find which lip treatment works for you. We’ve found that, Jolly’s Bubbles Pina Colada Lip Balm is the way forward. Our Founder Rachel swears by it!!



Jolly’s Bubbles Pina Colada Lip Balm £1

Hair Masks

Your hair is like your skin and the rest of your body....You need to look after it! And in the winter months this is key to looking your best, so don’t go neglecting it! So to do this we love to use hair masks. Using hair masks will lock in all that moisture and keep your locks looking and feeling great. Depending on your hair type, use a hair mask once/twice a month. Try Maroccan oil hair mask! 


Maroccan oil hair mask £31

Keeping Your Tan

We know you love your summer tan that you got while you were partying it up in Ibiza or relaxing in Santorini. And you don’t have to loose it either, just make sure you exfoliate and use a gradual self tanner. Here at AMOUR&MER we love Garnier’s gradual tan.


Garnier Summer Body Gradual Tan £5.50

A&M xo

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