Now that the FINA Championships are over, we are all hitting the pool to test our inner Michael Phelps. Wheather it's your local indoor or outdoor pool, the beach or (if you're one of the lucky few) your own pool, we all seem to have been bitten by the swimming bug.

Not only is swimming one of the best way to get fit fast, but boy does it shed the pounds. Unlike the gym, running, and other physical sports; swimming targets the muscles to tone them up, and slowly builds them over a period of time. There are all sorts of different activities in the pool that will help improve your fitness and help fight the fat.


If your one of those who likes to exercise in peace, then lane swim is the one for you. It's a great way to get your head down....there's nothing but you and the water! Our Founder Rachel swears by getting in the pool to relax, unwind and destress. 

"When your in the pool there's nothing to distract you. No emails going off, there's no one to bother you. Just you and the water. Clear your mind, put on your swimsuit and swim, you'll come out felling 100 times better than you did before you went in". - Rachel, Founder & Designer

Top tips:

- Set yourself a target. By telling yourself what you want to achieve before you get in the pool will make the lengths easier for you. 

- Keep hydrated. As you are in the pool you can't see how much you are sweating, so make sure you drink plenty of water.

- Wear a comfortable swimsuit/bikini. There is nothing worse than a swimsuit that rubs or falls down. We recommend our SHILO swimsuit for comfort, ease and style! 


RRP £45


Not a fan of lane swim, not to worry. Aquafit is a great way to keep active in the pool with others to keep you company. With different intensity levels, there will classes to accommodate all fitness levels. Exercising in the water to music will start to get rid of unwanted fat, and then tone up the muscle. This is also a fun way of meeting new people with the same goals as you, and lets you escape the outside world for 40mins. Most local pool's will hold weekly Aquafit classes, so contact yours to kickstart your fitness. 

Top Tips:

- Go on your own. Meeting new people is all part of the experience, you'll come out with a new friend who will help you achieve your fitness goals. 

- Wear a bikini or swimsuit that is going to keep body parts where they are meant to be (you know what i mean) Wearing a high neck swimsuit or bikini top will able you to fully workout without having to adjust every 5 minutes. We recommend our THALIA top.



RRP £20



I know what you're thinking.....'That sounds like hard work'. And yes it is hard work, but with hard work comes results. If you are looking for a fast paced, high energy fitness class in the water look, then no further! Aqua Zumba fitness instructors will put you to the test, dancing to music in the water will 100% get the muscles working you didn't even think you had. This has to be one of the funniest and most exciting fitness classes you'll go to! Contact your local pool to inquire if they run the class in your area!

Top Tips:

- Round up your friends. We all like a good laugh, so why not bring your friends along for the ride. If not for the company, then to watch them dance like an idiot in the pool...

- Want to put yourself to the limit? Wear an item of clothing over our swimsuit/bikini to make the workout harder and to really push yourself. Trust me, you'll see the benefits. 

- Aqua Zumba is fun! So wear a fun swimsuit too...we are all bored of the standard Arena costume. Mix it up and wear our OMARI swimsuit. Something fun, but keeps everything in the right place at the same time!


RRP £40


Visit for more styles for your new fitness plan! 


A&M xo

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