How to feel great in a swimsuit! Tips By LIbby Alice Fitness


By Libby Alice Fitness

1. Most of it is in our mind: If you think you look frumpy or you are worried your flab is hanging out and you think all the gazillion eyes are watching ...STOP ... Don't be intimidated, truth is most people couldn't care less, everyone has bits out her there and everywhere ... If your unconfident your posture will slump..posture makes a big difference ... Tell yourself you are confident, Shoulders back and head held high.... Confidence will make you look even more beautiful in your swimsuit.. Embrace yourself !!!
2. Avoid the bloat!: Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day ... First thing in the morning add before bed add some fresh lemon juice to warm water... This will help flush your digestive system and rehydrate the body. This also aids the bloating and helps you feel energised. Also avoid the salt... To much sodium results in a fluid build up and makes us feel bloated and uncomfortable... drink lots of water (to flush excess salt out) and eat foods high in potassium to help reduce water retention eg. Spinach, carrots, sweet potato, natural yogurt ! I have made it habit to start my day with fresh lemon and water, alongside a breakfast full of vitamins and minerals that will help reduce water retention, flush my digestive system and help my body love me !!! Other thing I make sure that I do is DESTRESS... Stress can cause us to bloat too ... I take a few moments to myself, breath deeply to lower my heart rate and reflect on what is most important for me that day. Try doing some Pilates or yoga classes ... They are super good for your body and mind !!!
3. Get sculpting your body: Do some activity and get fat burning. Doing something positive like exercising the body will help your confidence grow too! I recommend a mixture of cardio (go for a long walk), weights (hold your heavy shopping bags in each hand and do squats and lunges) and interval training (run up a flight of stair 10 times)...But HIIT is always a winner for me! (You can read about this in my blog) My 'LoveYourBody' workout videos come out in November for more inspiration! Swimsuit by @amourandmer ???

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