How to bring a little bit of Summer into your Fall Fashion.

For many, the start of the new school year signals the end of summer. But just because the sunny season is winding down, doesn’t mean it’s time to give up the tan, bikinis and healthy lifestyle goals you’ve been working on.
The dwindling daylight makes us all in the mood for a creamy hot choc and fashion darker than our souls, but a lot of us are still holding on to the summer memories and gearing up for some autumn holiday sun.
Our Top Autumn Beauty Tips
  • Invest in a good coat before the prices go up! ASOS is always a good shout for that perfect winter warmer.
  • Trade in nude and bronze eye and lip shades for rich shades of plum and wine this season.
  • Get rid of the beach-blonde; everyone loves to lighter for the summer but nothing feels better than getting rid of the highlights and darkening your hair ready for Autumn’s fashion tones.
  • Stock up on jumpers – George ASDA, Primark, Topshop. Wherever you get yours, get them now. There’s nothing like a good bit of knitwear to get you in the mood for the Pumpkin spice latte weather.
  • Remember to moisturise, Invest in a thick, creamy moisturiser and pile it on twice a day!
  • Don’t forget about the rest of your body, we neglect our bodies in the winter; we’re rapped up in multiple layers and onesie that by time March comes round our legs are pale and crisp! I heard a great tip what will help beat winter dry-ness, Baby oil - Such a simple product, but rubbing baby oil all over your body after you’ve showered can have great nourishing effects on your skin! Try it and you wont regret it!
  • Balance; find your winter routine early, If exercise is your thing then find your perfect workout time while the weather is still warm. Plan your meals and swap the salad bowl for a hot cup of veggie soup, replace your lemon water with a herbal tea and embrace the colder weather!
  • And lastly, stock up on some winter goodies, Candles and bath bombs ready for the darker nights.



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