The slick back
Slicked back hairstyles are totally in season this summer and are around to stay until next - which is great for those of us who like mess-free styling. All that’s needed to achieve this look is a generous amount of gel to slick down your locks. And when we say slick down your locks, we mean it- really gel down that style so your hair shimmers and appears wet, like you’ve just stepped out from the pool. Don't be afraid to play around with it!
Wavy long-bob
if you haven't already seen girls rocking this cut, then you have definitely been living under a rock. This looks seems to be taking off this summer because everyone's ready for that drastic change!
It's different and it's edgy and plus, you won't be too hot on holiday once the heat comes along! This is about working with the natural wave in the hair To get this look on straight hair, use a one-inch barrel curling iron, then finger tousle and push it into a side swept part.
Head band and headscarves are back!
Yep, that’s right, if Chanel said it’s fashionable again than nothing is stopping us from gathering our inner Blaire Waldorf and getting that pesky fringe off your face! Accessories are a big thing this summer! You can rock a headband with the slick-back look, or throw your hair up in a ponytail. The accessories aren't limited to just headbands -- take a risk with a bow or jewelled clip. It's all about having fun
Mermaid colour!
The obvious trend what has been big for many summers before is colouring your hair like a mermaid! When I’m out in the water just lollygagging around I’ve noticed that pale blues and pastel rainbows are a favourite among beach hairstyles. Whether it is dip-dyed or a full head you always make a statement. Besides you can never really go wrong with a wash out colour in wavy hair - they were made for each other!
Braided beach-babe
For us, this just may be the best of all the beach hairstyles I’ve come up with. Braided accents allow you to dress up any of the hairstyles I mentioned before, plus they give off the perfect bohemian vibe. Just take a small piece of hair braid it all the way down and secure it with an elastic, or just pin it back into a bun. It looks exotic as well!


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