Noir et Blanc Lookbook shoot!

Last week we had a very exciting trip to a secret location, those of you who follow our newsletter will have heard all the details of our busy shoot day.


 White KALI AND MALIE Bikini 

MARIKO One-piece 

We were so excited to work with a creative genius; local photographer Samantha Orton. Samantha has a background in graphic design, she is known for her unique fashion shots and has collaborated with renowned fashion houses all over the UK and Europe!


We we’re thrilled at the chance to work with her because we have a feeling that her career is about to take off; the professionalism was paramount and she is truly a name to remember and follow closely! 

Follow Samantha Orton
Instagram: Samantha_orton
SHILO Once-piece 


A big thank you to our fierce model for the shoot Lauren Marshall represented by Tyne Tees Models and Colours Agency - she was on fire and truly brought the images to life! We could not think of a nicer girl to model Amour&Mer swimwear you made them look insane with your crazy beach body!


Follow Lauren:
Twitter: @xLaurenLM
MARIKO One-piece 


Another big thank you to our MUA for the lookbook shoot Sara Azari, we all worked so great as a team and would love to use this group for following collection shoots!

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  • You look fantastic Lauren Love from Auntie Carol xxx

    • Carol Janaway