Building the Beach Booty

Wearing a bikini at the beach sounds like paradise to us! But feeling confident in your swimwear is an integral part of that fabulous feeling. We don't believe that working out and eating healthy will solve all of your confidence issues, but it can't hurt right? 

Its the decade of the booty; Beyonce, Kim K, J-Lo. The bigger the better! and contrary to popular belief, you gotta work hard for it!

We've teamed up with Mikey from Diamond Fitness in Newcastle to help us with some exercises to get that perfect beach-ready-booty:

Step one – Squat
Ok if you want to build up those glutes aka the booty this is the first and most important move in your arsenal in the war against the flat butt. Everyone knows what a squat is but a surprising amount of people don't have the functionality/limberness to perform a squat properly and for maximal booty gains.

Here are some top tips for nailing that squat.

  • Don't let your knees come in front of your toes.
  • Pull your hips back and really sit into that squat.
  • Don't let your heels come off the ground.
  • Hit at least parallel. Lower the squat, higher the booty gains…

Step two- Lunge
Here we go folks, step two is another compound move that has been used for years in building booties all around the world. I like to get my clients to perform a walking lunge with some added weight if they can! Try taking eight walking lunge steps either way. Remember this isn't a race, take your time, keep steady, keep your chest up and remember Rome/your booty wasn't built in a day.

Step three – Glutes bridges
The last exercise I'd recommend can be optimally performed as a super set (performed straight after one of previous exercises). The glute bridge. You can either start lying flat with your back against a bench or on the ground and knees bent at ninety degrees. All you're going to do is push your hips up off the ground, squeezing your glutes at the top of the lift and then returning your hips to the starting position. This exercise performed correctly should really finish off the workout. Especially with some weight loaded above the hips!

If you start now, you will thank yourself when you are lying on that beach in your bikini! 

Thanks to Mikey at Diamond Fitness for the tips!

A&M xo 

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